Monday, 25 July 2016

New Art - Neon Public Fuzz now in my gallery

Abstract Art Lightpainting to buy for sale by John D Williams 

New Art - Neon Public Fuzz now in my gallery

Neon Pubic Fuzz by John D Williams - a tester of the lightpainting photography method to create a frenzied, energetic, ball of fuzz - an electrifying sizzle of captured gases from an Urban setting. Modern and contemporary and striking the use of blue, white and black colors make this abstract stand out from the crowd. 

John Williams

Photograph - Photograph Print Image

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Many thanks!

John D Williams 

Price List with QR Code can be downloaded here

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

City Surrounds Me I Stand Alone

Russian social documentary street photography image of a girl

City Surrounds Me I Stand Alone

My new Street Photography image to purchase from my online gallery

She stood alone looking through a wire mesh fence at the large towering building apartment before her. Where did the flowers go, where is nature - instead of the beauty of the wilderness...

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DSLR Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks

Mirror lock-up in your DSLR

A great feature of modern DSLR is the mirror lock. This ensures when the mirror flips out of the way as you take your shot, it will lock into place and not cause any vibration. Usually this vibration at low shutter speeds such as those used in landscape photography 1/30 to 1 sec can cause some minor distortion or wobble to your image. Not ideal when your looking for total clarity to help encapsulate your wonderful landscape.

Shooting RAW format pictures

Taking pictures in RAW format means they have no loss of details caused by ordinary compression. They also have many more tones of color than standard TIFF or JPEG files. RAW files are typically in the 12 to 14 bit area whiles JPEG stays at 8. The 8 bit JPEG has 256 color shade, the 12 bit RAW 4096 while the 14 bit RAW has a staggering 16,384 tones making these formats ideal for Photoshop editing at a later stage.

Ensuring your camera has top range features helps you to generate outstanding landscape pictures. Getting the most from your DSLR camera requires that the essential features are the best available. Always consider the whole range of features instead if singling out a single aspect. Ask yourself what’s important to you when capturing great landscapes and build this answer into the features you prefer.

Essential DSLR Camera Settings for Landscapes

It’s important to take into account the combination of features and settings available on your DSLR camera. Never judge a camera through one specification only. Instead gauge the overall camera to give you the most essential elements as a priority. Landscape photography remains an extremely rewarding genre of photography. With the correct DSLR photography settings and features your images will become legendary.

High megapixel still counts

Megapixel count still remains important in photography yet it’s not the most overriding factor. The larger size equals a bigger print with greater clarity, however there’s no need to sacrifice other essential features of your camera over a high megapixel count.

Live view LCD display

Being able to refine your landscape composition with a live LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) allows for greater creative freedom with full photographic control. DSLR’s with rotating LCD displays allows you as the photography to break away from the traditional parallel view finder display to provide low POV or angled compositions with full photographic adjustment control.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

This allows bracketing shots for your landscape photographs. However it’s only suitable for JPEG formats rather than the much preferred RAW format at present. Being able to use HDR in RAW’s something to consider for future DSLRs.

Pre-designed picture styles

Acts as a preset for landscape photography as defined by the manufacturer of your DSLR. It’s worth nothing that the choice of contrast, hue, saturation, and sharpness remain fully adjustable.

ISO sensor speed

Traditionally this referred to the sensitivity of film to light, with the lower setting being less sensitive to light. ISO in terms of digital photography refers to the sensitivity of the cameras sensor. Surprisingly having a high range of ISO on your DSLR allows for moments of creativity when shooting landscapes. No tripod, less blurring effects, as well as creating a noisy grainy effect as and when required. This works well particularly for black and white photography. Noise indicates the amount of pixel grain within the image.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Tips on how to Protect your DSLR Camera and Photography Equipment

Condensation hazards

Condensation can form when your camera moves from hot-to-cold, or cold-to-hot temperatures. This excess water can freeze damaging your equipment or expose the electronics to an unwanted water source. Keep your camera in a warm environment, but beware of excess body heat causing unwanted water upon your camera. Heat from your body in contact with a cold camera will produce condensation so ensure you’re as dry as possible. A lightweight case will protect your camera from your body heat.

Similarly when you bring your equipment inside from cold weather watch out for the formation of moisture on the camera from the presence of hot air. A simple sachet of silica gel will work wonders in removing the moisture from the air. Shoe boxes or professional camera shops remain a good place to source these silica gel sachets.


Windy weather and tripods

Be aware of how the wind can topple over your tripod and damage your camera. Look for a tripod that has a hook attachment allowing you to add counter weights to the base of the tripod. This provides additional anti-topple weighting through counter-balance. Your camera will then stay stable upon the tripod without the wind causing an additional hazard.


Tips to Protect a DSLR Camera from the Elements

Protecting your camera ensures your precious equipment stays in great condition without any damage. Your camera will often become exposed to harsh elements as you pursue the ideal photograph. Simple ways to protect your investment as well as extend the longevity of you camera will become second-nature. Guarding your camera against the elements remains an essential skill as well as surprisingly easy.


Consider Buying a Quality Carry Case

Purchasing a decent camera case will ensure you cameras protected as you travel from location to location. Many modern cases have padded insides that help absorb any minor impacts as well as stopping your camera getting scratched. A decent strap makes carrying your camera and case extremely comfortable. As well as protecting you camera carry bags also offer protection for you other photographic equipment including other lenses as well as filters.

Protection against rain and dust

Plastic bags make ideal guardians against rain and dust. Use an elastic band around the lens section to keep the bag in place and protect the lens from the elements. Not only will a plastic bag provide protection but will also allow you to carry on taking pictures. In an emergency you can also use a jacket, hat, or any other item of clothing. You can get dry easily a camera on the other hand can not.


UV filters to protect your lens

A good UV filter helps protect your lens from scratches and damage as you look for the perfect shot. UV lenses offer cheap effective protection, simply screwing onto the front of your camera lens.


Temperature and heat

Use a light colored towel to cover your camera when it’s outside and not directly in use. The heat from the sun will cause extreme damage to your camera if it’s left in direct sunlight as many modern cameras are black which attracts additional heat. Light colored towels remain the best choice as dark colors will absorb the extra heat.


Simple UV Protection

Keeping your camera protected from the elements means many years of using your equipment without the additional expense of replacing damaged equipment. Simple yet effective protection against heat, rain, wind and dust will ensure your camera operates smoothly for many yeas to come. A simple UV filter protects your lens from nasty scratches allowing your images to shine free from unwanted blemishes. Keep you protection simple and you’ll always have a way to safeguard your camera.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tiger Lily and Rustic Blue Wood Wall Art Print to Buy

Tiger Lily and Rustic Blue Wood Background

Tiger Lily Wallart Photogaphy Print for Sale

This image is one of my favorite floral based photographs. 

I caught this photograph an a bright sunny morning - not really the best time for photography. However the sun really made the Tiger Lilies stand put against the strong faded rustic blue wooden background.

This Tiger Lily Fine Art Photograph makes a very bright wallart piece. The choice of metal, canvas, acrylic, poster or framed print give you the choice you need for your wall decoration needs.

In addition to the traditional art forms mentioned above. this vibrant photograph can also be applied to other home products.

Shower curtains, duvets, round beach towels, and even iPhone 6 and Galaxy phone cases. The choice of applications and products are truly amazing.

Check out my Gallery for all of the products that this fine art photograph can be placed on. 

Thanks again!

John D Williams

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Monday, 18 July 2016

DSLR Landscape Photography Settings

Every photographer has heard of landscape photography, in fact it is one of the oldest genres of this great art. Getting it right though often requires more than patience.

Working with the elements and light are the key settings to essential DSLR landscape photography. To create stunning landscape images there are a few essential tips that can help you.

DSLR Landscape Photography Settings Analysis

DSLR Landscape photography remains increasingly popular with all photographers. Capturing a beautiful landscape instantly propels a photographer towards a creative high. However a few essential photography settings tips can make a huge difference in how the final image speaks to the viewer. Increasing your photographic skill helps you create long-lasting visually stunning moments that last forever.

You see some examples of my Landscape featuring forests here - Forest Escapes Fine Art Photography Gallery

Foregrounds in DSLR Landscape Photography

Framing a foreground object can help promote vast distances within your landscape image. Look for complimentary foreground images. With a selective depth of field you can start to generate a background that appears slightly out of focus, while the foreground stands out strong. Or alternatively use deep focus to capture all foreground and background images.

Movement of the Wind and Water

Capturing movement as well as reflections remains a great way of adding pure creativity to a beautiful landscape scene. Look at how the wind moves as well as water.

The Magic Light in DSLR photography

The early late hours remain the key to successful brilliant landscapes. Be prepared through waking hours before sunrise getting you prepared for those few moments as the sunrises. Scout the scene you want to photograph as well as the ideal angles and get set up. Similarly those magic moments before sunset provides the greatest light required for brilliant landscape photographs. Light at dawn or dusk provides yet another striking idea which may go against what you’ve heard about before.

That idea’s to shoot directly into the light. Traditional photographic thought teaches you to shoot with light behind you. Shooting into the light provides essential back-lighting or side lighting providing greater texture and depth to the landscape. Use a small aperture of around f16 or f22 to compensate for the increased light hitting your camera lens thus avoiding overexposure.

Convergence - Combining Elements in DSLR Landscapes

Defining when two separate elements of the landscape come together. It pays to sit and watch nature. This is your subject, begin to try and understand how it works. Creating a synergy between yourself and your subject is what marks all professional photographers. Look at the relationships between the various elements. This connectivity will help you become one with your subject.

Working with the Weather

Bad weather can provide phenomenal color shifts so learn to enjoy this aspect of landscape photography. Consider how the light dramatically changes the colors of your view very second as storm clouds or rain clouds begin to descend. The dynamism of weather must be encapsulated in your DSLR landscape photography.

Horizons as a Leveling Guide

Use the horizon as a leveling guide. Your landscape should predominately have a horizon that remains constantly level across your photograph. However sometimes you may want to break this rule to create a unique landscape photo. The horizon also helps divide the photograph into the acceptable thirds. Your photo should use the horizon as a dividing tool. Two thirds sky or one third sky the rest remains the land.

POV Point-Of-View

Look to create unusual POVs with you landscapes. Selecting a low POV or offering an unusual vantage point can give your landscape photography striking visual emphasis.
Photographing brilliant landscapes needn’t be beyond your reach. Implementing a few ideas at a time can help you create a stunning image every time. Learn to use the magic light as well as building synergy with your landscape subject. Weather can provide true creative moments so use it o a great extent. Horizons, POV, and movement can all help build composition and life into your wondrous landscape photograph.

Desert Landscapes make Striking DSLR Photographs

Protect your DSLR camera from the elements - great condition camera equipment leads to great landscape photography!

Man-made elements are a strong point for DSLR landscape photography

Manmade vehicles and buildings can add the perfect counterpoint to the force of nature in your landscape photography and photographs

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Soviet Scarlet Time Warp – Abstract Mechanical Fine Art Photography by John D Williams

Combine Harvester Abstract Wall Art photograph

What is this Piece of Fine Art here?

“Soviet Scarlet Time Warp”

Why I captured this industrial themed photograph image

In this image from my Fine Art Photography gallery I wanted to capture the contrast between static and movement. This old derelict combine harvester was sitting in a field for many years. Yet for me, the machine was very much alive. It had a sense of urgency, a feeling of wanting to gather the fields again, to ignore the tethers of time that will ultimately destroy this once spectacular machine.

Colours and tones

The machine was rusting. It was an old soviet vehicle of the past so I wanted to add a sense of the rust flaking combined with the colour of Russia. Highlighting the bright vibrant scarlet colours of the combine harvester seemed a natural creation for me. Accentuating the dynamism of red helps generate the sensation of danger and aggression in the vast machine captured in this fine art photograph.

Sizes and Materials of the Image

This photograph is available to buy directly from my Fine Art Website. It can be purchased in several different forms of wall art including:

·         Acrylic Print

·         Stretched Canvas Print

·         Posters

·         Prints

·         Framed Prints

·         Metal Aluminium Print

·         Greeting Cards

Sizes vary for this striking wall art. From a comfortable size of 10” by 6” up to a staggering huge size of 60” by 40” you will find a size and format to suit your budget and your interior wallart design needs. Each of my fine art images is fully customisable, from mat colours, frames types and colours, to wall mountings. Paper texture and density as well as canvas types can also be fully configures at the point of purchase.

Why you want to own this fine art abstract photograph – its value and uniqueness

OWN this original and striking Wall Art today. It is a luxury you can afford. The quality of my images is unsurpassed; I have an Englishman’s view and photographic vision of the antiquities and history of the former Soviet Empire, Now the Russian Federation that not many people can claim access to!

Who I imagine would own this art?

I envisage this piece of fine art photography, with its rich red vibrant colour hanging well on a white wall – chalk painted – at the back of  bar or over the head of a powerful person. The symbolism of the image generates a feeling of the past still striving forwards against the grains of time. This world of art on a wall has to dominate. The composition and scene of movement beg for an enlarged view of the world. When you own this art think BIG! Go for the 60”by 40” inch version – let the machine convey to all its true merits!

Shipping the Soviet Scarlet Time Warp

With 14 professionally vetted fulfillment centers based in 5 countries around the world – shipping costs for my art have been greatly reduced. All art is sent by the couriers FedEx or DHL directly to your door!

Link to the Gallery where the image resides waiting for a home wall to hang from:

DOWNLOAD a FREE Price list for this Fine Art Photograph – “Soviet Scarlet Time Warp

Link to more about the photographer John D Williams

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Protect your iPhone 6s with an impact-resistant, slim-profile, hard-shell case.

Striking Unique Art for your Smartphone cases!

All of my images in my photograph gallery can be used for iPhone and Galaxy phone cases.

Each work of art I produce is bright and vibrant. Every single image I capture is unique and vibrant. Amaze your friends with the unusual designs available toady.

Protect your iPhone 6s with an impact-resistant, slim-profile, hard-shell case. The image is printed directly onto the case and wrapped around the edges for a beautiful presentation. Simply snap the case onto your iPhone 6s for instant protection and direct access to all of the phone's features! 

Check my gallery now

In addition to iPhone and Galaxy phone cases I can also offer portable battery chargers!

You'll never run out of power again!   If the battery on your smartphone or tablet is running low... no problem.   Just plug your device into the USB port on the top of this portable battery charger, and then continue to use your device while it gets recharged.

With a recharge capacity of 5200 mAh, this charger will give you 1.5 full recharges of your smartphone or recharge your tablet to 50% capacity.

When the battery charger runs out of power, just plug it into the wall using the supplied cable (included), and it will recharge itself for your next use.
1.80" W x 3.875" H x 0.90" D
Ships Within 1 - 2 business days

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Photography Woes – Why, oh why didn't I use a Tripod?

I really enjoy photography and I have wisely invested in a Travel tripod that does a very good job – it’s a Velbon Ultrek UT-53D & QHD-53D Ball Bead. In fact I realise how important tripods are as I currently own 3. One is rubbish I brought here in Russia – it’s a cheaper supermarket job a DXRP – plastic jobby, that wobbles like jelly on a plate – it cost me 18 quid. Yeah I know but my other tripod was in England so I needed a quick replacement. The one in England is a Redsnapper, great solid legs – but the head broke!

Rust Abstract Fineart Wallprint to buy
Here is the Photograph "Old Mother Rust" I took without a tripod!

My main one now as I mentioned is Velbron – it’s a good tripod and easy to travel with, which I often do – but I have one problem – I am very very lazy. I often shoot without using it, which isn't a massive problem until I realise that I lost the shot because my Depth-of-Field didn't do what I wanted it to do. The example in question will illustrate why you SHOULD ALWAYS USE a tripod.

Photography Tips - The Not Using a Tripod Scenario

Near a village not too far from where I live is a really knackered broken down combine harvester that has so much rust, cogs, drive-belts, details etc. It’s a great site. Anyway I love photographing Rust. I had my tripod with me but didn't want to use it. As I was clambering over the combine harvester I came across great rust surface, beautiful colours with flaking peeling paint and rust particles that made my mouth water.

So I started shooting with my Nikon D750, with a Tamron 90mm F2.8 – bumped up the ISO to 320 to give me a shutter speed of 1/200. – This will work I thought – my aperture was at F8.

A quick look at the back on the LCD screen told me exposure was OK, and composition. Great time to head home for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Post-Processing - Oh My God Nooo!

When I got home and started to process the images I was amazed and beaten by the fact that I had camera blur, the images were useless, and the rust was not tack-sharp. My shutter speed didn't work I had blur, the aperture (I set to give me what I thought was a suitable shutter speed was too shallow!).

If ONLY I hadn't been lazy toad and got my tripod set up, I could have got a bigger DOF, and shot the plane of the rust to give me usable images.

I used a quick Depth-of-Field calculator ( and at the Aperture I was using and I noticed that I only had a DOF of 0.39 of an inch - way too shallow! Especially considering I was shooting the rust on a non-level plane (shooting up at it)

Photography Lesson I Learnt The Hard Way That Day

Always use a tripod, don’t be lazy like me – now I have to go back and be a proper photographer and do what needs to be done – re-shoot correctly! I really have no excuses…

I have called this piece of Fine Art – Old Mother Rust

See if you can spot the errors

The Art can be directly purchased from my Fine Art Photograph Gallery here…..

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Metal Spiral Staircase London Fine Art Photography

Wall Art - Metal Spiral Staircase in London - Original Striking Fine Art Photography by John D Williams

Wall Art Metal Spiral Staircase
London image of a Metal Spiral Staircase available as Wall Art to purchase directly from my Gallery

Metal Spiral Staircase London

Well I was very lucky to have a chance to get back to England for a few weeks and managed to head into London. I was looking for a chance to shoot a few spiral staircases as I love the design and endless swirls. I wanted to head over to Greenwich, but the Queens House was shut so I had to venture into the heart of the great City.

One of the key decisions for me was to try and capture a Spiral Staircase without people. I understood that people would give the subject a sense of scale, but I really wanted the main subject to be isolated, devoid of any humanity.

By toning the image in black and white with a copper toner, I feel the image speaks from a past era that conflicts with the modernity of the metal structure. 

As I sell my wall art directly from my gallery, I wanted the best image quality possible so I took the image with my Nikon D750 using a 20mm 2.8 Wide Angle Lens.

Let me share your thoughts and comments on this metal spiral staircase below and feel free to share your images and links too!


Metal Spiral Staircase London is available to Buy from my Online Gallery


Download the PDF Price List for this Fine Art Photograph of "Metal Spiral Staircase in London" 

Metal Spiral Staircase in London - Fine Art Printable Price List 


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