Thursday, 14 July 2016

Soviet Scarlet Time Warp – Abstract Mechanical Fine Art Photography by John D Williams

Combine Harvester Abstract Wall Art photograph

What is this Piece of Fine Art here?

“Soviet Scarlet Time Warp”

Why I captured this industrial themed photograph image

In this image from my Fine Art Photography gallery I wanted to capture the contrast between static and movement. This old derelict combine harvester was sitting in a field for many years. Yet for me, the machine was very much alive. It had a sense of urgency, a feeling of wanting to gather the fields again, to ignore the tethers of time that will ultimately destroy this once spectacular machine.

Colours and tones

The machine was rusting. It was an old soviet vehicle of the past so I wanted to add a sense of the rust flaking combined with the colour of Russia. Highlighting the bright vibrant scarlet colours of the combine harvester seemed a natural creation for me. Accentuating the dynamism of red helps generate the sensation of danger and aggression in the vast machine captured in this fine art photograph.

Sizes and Materials of the Image

This photograph is available to buy directly from my Fine Art Website. It can be purchased in several different forms of wall art including:

·         Acrylic Print

·         Stretched Canvas Print

·         Posters

·         Prints

·         Framed Prints

·         Metal Aluminium Print

·         Greeting Cards

Sizes vary for this striking wall art. From a comfortable size of 10” by 6” up to a staggering huge size of 60” by 40” you will find a size and format to suit your budget and your interior wallart design needs. Each of my fine art images is fully customisable, from mat colours, frames types and colours, to wall mountings. Paper texture and density as well as canvas types can also be fully configures at the point of purchase.

Why you want to own this fine art abstract photograph – its value and uniqueness

OWN this original and striking Wall Art today. It is a luxury you can afford. The quality of my images is unsurpassed; I have an Englishman’s view and photographic vision of the antiquities and history of the former Soviet Empire, Now the Russian Federation that not many people can claim access to!

Who I imagine would own this art?

I envisage this piece of fine art photography, with its rich red vibrant colour hanging well on a white wall – chalk painted – at the back of  bar or over the head of a powerful person. The symbolism of the image generates a feeling of the past still striving forwards against the grains of time. This world of art on a wall has to dominate. The composition and scene of movement beg for an enlarged view of the world. When you own this art think BIG! Go for the 60”by 40” inch version – let the machine convey to all its true merits!

Shipping the Soviet Scarlet Time Warp

With 14 professionally vetted fulfillment centers based in 5 countries around the world – shipping costs for my art have been greatly reduced. All art is sent by the couriers FedEx or DHL directly to your door!

Link to the Gallery where the image resides waiting for a home wall to hang from:

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