Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Metal Triptychs Art Photography

Lucky for me as I have just finished my work on my latest project so I can now focus on a new wall art project.

This work I have just completed is series of fine at photographs revolving around the subject of machines in a derelict and broken state. Completing the series has proven to be very beneficial for me as an art photographer. The work requires capturing photographs of derelict machines in an abandoned state that I find on my travels. As a photographer I am always looking for great light, so getting up early is key to painting with light.

Blue Combine Harvester Art Photograph

Post processing for the work takes place in my studio once I have selected the images I want and deleted those that are not up-to-scratch.

I sell my art photographs on the Print-on-Demand site Fine Art America – see link below – I currently have 900 art images for sale in various formats.

Street Photography Tips – capturing perfect metal wall art
Street photography is a rewarding yet difficult branch of photography to really excel in. What makes it so difficult yet rewarding is the subject matter – people. Portraiture, involves people – yes, but the subject wants to be photographed. Street photography involves your subject either being aware or unaware of your presence.

John D Williams is an international photographer currently living in Russia. He is originally from England where he obtained a Degree in Film and Culture from North London University. He has published several books on photography with subject ranging from Street Photography, to Abstract and Botany.

Current Street Photography Book

He also sells his metal wall art directly on Fine Art America

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