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About me
Thanks for reading my Fine Art Photography about me page. My name is John D Williams I am 41 years old ad was born in England in a city called Chelmsford. I have had many jobs in my life from being a farm hand, to working for giant oil Companies like Exxon Mobil in London, to account management and production assistants for artist video and film distribution companies. I am now a fine art photography pending the majority of time in between Russian and England.

I have always had an interest in the visual medium, and took an early interest in photography using 35mm film and a second hand Russian camera I brought at a car boot sale in my late teens.

Having studied film and culture at North London University (Now London Metropolitan) my interest in the arts as a visual medium has increased to an all-consuming passion and photography allows me to express the visual emphasis of the world around us.

Creating visual art from my photography is a delight for me. Transforming a vision I see as I wander around this planet and presenting as a tangible striking art piece to hang on the home or office wall, and to feel that someone wants to own my art is the driving passion behind what I do. 

To think that another person connects with my vision and then buys the wall art is a true pleasure as an artist. When I am working, capturing my images and pictures, I always have an end vision of saying to myself “Would I hang this piece of photography on my wall as a canvas, acrylic or metal print?” or “Would I buy this photograph for my wall art gallery?” 
When the answer is yes then my passion is awakened and I begin to get the image I have in my minds eye.

I have a range of subjects in photography that I really do love to capture. These styles are:
Street Photography – capturing the human condition and the secret stories off people is of great interest to me
Abstract – Transforming a photograph from its original meaning into something that is at once unrecognisable is a truly liberating experience as a photographer
Landscapes – Capturing landscape photographs is a branch of photography that requires patience
Macro-Photography – The world of small photography is the delight in all things miniature. This genre of fine art photography is ideal for when the weather outside turns really bad
Stock Photography – I started my photography career shooting stock photography and it still has a place in my portfolio as part of photography output.

My fine art photography portfolio is a luxurious statement designed for collectors and people interested in owning high-grade wall art for the home or office interior designs and wall decoration. The deluxe art I offer forms a lavish centre point for conversation and visual pleasure. My goal as an artist photographer is to give you endless years of beauty. To spark a few moments of endless imagination and amazement at the world around us is the task of my Fine Art photography portfolio by John D Williams.

To view my online gallery and portfolio of photograph prints and images please check out my gallery website directly – Fine Art Photography Gallery - from John D Williams at Fine Art America

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