Thursday, 30 June 2016

People of Russia An Englishman's View - My Street Photography Book

New Street Photography Book with 144 Images from Russian People in Society by John D Williams

Russian Street Photography People and Public from 2016

As an Englishman in Russia I have an opportunity to present images of people that would otherwise remain hidden for much of the world. Capturing Russian society and the people that form the fabric of the nation, has proven a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

The everyday expressions of people at work, play, relaxation, as well as formal occasions and the history that their faces tell us makes for generally interesting images. The diversity of weather from the frozen winters to boiling hot summers provides endless opportunities to capture the essence of life in Contemporary Russia.

From an outside perspective my work focuses on the everyday, the joy of life, and the passing of time for all those who share a brief moment on this planet we call home.

The Photo Book contains 144 striking images of Street Photography from Russia from 2015 to early 2016. The Photo Book can be purchased directly from this site:

People of Russia An Englishman's View: Russian Street Photography by John D Williams

CreateSpace eStore:

I am now currently working on Modern Abstracts which will be published within the next 2 months or so. 
To visit my online Gallery to purchase my images as exclusive prints please visit my site at:

Once again thank you for taking an interest in my photography I hope it brings you timeless enjoyment and pleasure.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How I sell my photographs on

The Beauty of the Print-on-Demand Fine Art site - for Photographers

So when I was exploring the internet and trying to find new ways to sell my photographs on the internet I came across a great site called that allows me to sell my photograph images online. Having explored the site I discovered that uploading and selling my art is very straightforward.

As I have heard this site really specializes in photograph, as opposed to Redbubble that deals primarily in illustration or visual art. Even Saatchi art really only deals with true art – so having found a site that can help me sell my photographs I was happy to sign up!

The format of the site is very straightforward, you just create an account and add a few personal details and then you can start uploading your art. The site at only allows you to add 5 pieces of art at a time, but this is fairly straightforward. All you have to do then is select a gallery (I always add my gallery types before uploading) then choose you art style i.e. photography, black and white, abstract, landscape etc.

The site offers an 80% commission on your marked up price.
To understand this you have to factor in the base price – so produces your art at cost. The mark-up above this production cost is your cut – 80% going to you and 30% going to the site.

So base cost to produce your art (framed, canvas, posted style etc.) is $50, your mark up is 50% = $100

If you art sells then you take 80% of the Mark up:

·         $40 dollars you get
·         $10 dollars Crafted Makes
·         $50 dollars is the production cost

You do have the option of creating a mark up range from 0% (why?) all the way up to 300% if you want. I have personally chosen to put my art out for sale at 70% mark-up as this seems a feasible price, considering the amount of time I put in to creating my photographic images.

The site has a great feature in that you can search and favorite other artists, therefore promoting their art in your “Collections” and increasing your exposure in the art marketplace. In return if they reciprocate and follow you and add your art to their collections you art gains a greater audience! Suck up all the followers – does this help promote your art? Not sure to be honest – does it help Google I have no idea?? But I like to pretend I am well liked :)

To support this each art piece on the site whether it be traditional canvas, acrylic, or poster can gain a following by comments and being added to collections.

One of the greatest things I like about this site is how they make such professional prints from my photographs for example.

Framed prints to buy from includes the following three choices:

  • Black wood Frame
  • White Wood Frame
  • Espresso Wood Frame

After each of these frame selections you have the choice to choose from various Matts if required to give your photograph the greatest aesthetic appeal when it is hanging from your wall.

Canvas Print frames at offer:
0.75” Deep canvas wrap
1.5” Deep canvas wrap
Black wood frame
White wood frame

If you want to see my collected fine art on click here

I am a Crated artist.

Feel free to join the site as it really offers much more than other sites like Fine Art America and has a great design.

I will update this blog post as and when I have new updates to report on how my art is selling on the website.

Who Keeps Collecting My Art Photographs?
One of the interesting aspects of the site is that other artists can “Collect” your work. Essentially this is a ”Like” status that then adds the art work, photo, or image to your favourites (by clicking a hear icon on the image). This art then gets displayed in your Collection that outside visitors can view. Think of it as promoting other artists, and they promote you.

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

What is a Photographer....?

What is a Photographer - Fine Art or Crass Culture?

Did you ever wonder why cave men used to draw on their cave walls years back? Pretty sure it was to record or document the world around them, in terms of beasts, visions, dreams, accomplishments – now I am no anthropologist so I could be wrong, but if we think about the continuation of how this theme extends into the realm or art and as we must surely acknowledge, into the sphere of Photography and of course its cousin, the moving image  a conclusion can be drawn between the need to record our experienced world and to inform others of this existence.

Spiral Staircase London Art Fineart Photo Print
The Spiral Staircase in London Wellcome Museum - A true image that challenges our forms of normality

Film and the Camera

As both relatively new inventions, such as film and cinema, already exists as well defined art-forms in their own right, we have to wonder and ask the question what is it that makes a person become a photographer.

These forms use their own, to be blunt tools, to accomplish what classical artists have been doing for centuries and indeed the grizzly caveman from yonder year, so using a camera to record or document reality is as natural as breathing – give a child a camera and once they have grasped what it does – watch them record their life and items of importance, regardless of how small this may be.

  • To document reality
  • To create an alternative reality

A photographer is a conduit, an interpreter of the surrounding world – his or her art is a translation of light, subject, and composition to communicate with an intended audience. We could consider a photographer a story teller of sorts using a visual medium. An image must speak, even if the message is traditional or challenging of accepted photographic as well as artistic norms.

The Spiral Staircase in London is one of my Fine Art Photos that I am currently selling in my Gallery.

Download the PDF Price List for this Fine Art Photograph of "Metal Spiral Staircase in London" 

Metal Spiral Staircase in London - Fine Art Printable Price List

Available to Buy Direct from my Online Gallery

 John D Williams

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